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Alexandra Owen invited to show at New York Fashion Week 2010.

Posted in Fashion by R on July 20, 2009

Alexandra Owen, 2009

Alexandra Owen has been invited to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Event organisers at IMG in New York City contacted Showroom 22, Alexandra Owen’s NZ PR agents, and expressed an interest in the Wellington based label for their runway event.

Alexandra Owen intends to participate in the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week in February 2010 with an aim to enter the US market through selected high-end boutiques beginning in New York City. Alexandra intends to  spend the next 5 -10 years growing this market before entering the European market

Alexandra and James Whitta will travel to New York in September to meet with IMG, talk to key industry figures, and visit boutiques and showrooms.

Alexandra Owen is built on a product that stands for innovation, quality and integrity of design.. A rapid rise has confirmed for the label that these components are stronger than hype. Work of the highest calibre, grand aspirations, and a relentless drive are at the center of the Alexandra Owen workroom, and are key to the ongoing success of the label.


Alexandra Owen

Showroom 22



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