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SOME/THINGS Limited Editions & Magazine

Posted in Art, Fashion, Photography, Print by B on September 15, 2009

Some/Things Magazine Issue One

Some/Things Magazine Issue One

Some/Things Magazine Issue One

Some/Things Magazine Issue One

Some/Things Magazine Issue One


SOME/THINGS project encompasses a bi-annual book/magazine publication and publishing house producing limited edition artist books/objects as well as a art/design consulting agency. Their aim is to create something that goes beyond a basic product- something more involved, engaging and personal- something with a story.

SOME/THINGS Magazine content is based on active collaboration with some of the most visionary artists, designers and personalities of our time. It comprises an extensive selection of images, in depth conversations and interviews as well as previously never published material. A conscious decision has been made for there to be no advertising of any form and no news section. SOME/THINGS Magazine shuns a fast approach preferring to take time to discover and re-discover works that transcend boundaries of their medium and that engage with reality.

Issue one is a 304 page hand bound edition with fully opening spine.


SOME/THINGS Limited Editions Agency Magazine

Monika Bielskyte



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