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Untitled (girlfriend), Richard Prince

Posted in Photography, Print by B on September 22, 2009

Untitled (girlfriend) 1993
Untitled (girlfriend) 1993
Untitled (girlfriend) 1993
Untitled (girlfriend) 1993
Untitled (girlfriend) 1999
Untitled (girlfriend) 1999

The images derive from a popular rubric in certain American biker magazines, such as Easy Riders and Iron Horse, which cater to men who, even if they serve as dentists or accountants for forty hours each week, spend the balance of their time riding or hanging around Harley Davidsons (all other brands, necessarily foreign, are anathema) and generally try to pass themselves off as members of outlaw gangs. The magazines invite their readers to submit photographs of their possessions, their girlfriends are invariably pictured as an accessory – not on the level of the bike itself, of course, but perhaps comparable to its custom spokes or its fitted cowhide saddle. The women are standing; often they are shown reclining along the length of the machine, or draped over it like an animal skin. They are usually semi-nude, and such parts as are clothed are encased in skintight leather or denim. The poses are always stiffer than the photograph appears to realise. Their expressions tend to be fixed. Professional models can stimulate delight or arousal, but these women can only turn in feeble imitations, reproducing such emotions at one or two removes.


Richard Prince



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