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Whatever It Is You’re Looking For You Won’t Find It Here, Raymond Pettibon

Posted in Art, Print by B on September 23, 2009

No Title (Drunk on ink...)
No Title (Drunk on ink…) 1990
No Title (Be this as it may) 1998
No Title (Be this as it may…) 1998
No Title (The burial ground...)
No Title (The burial ground…) 2005
No Title (Not a mover...)
No Title (Not a mover…) 2003

“Los Angeles spread itself out before me. I used a gun to get in.” – Raymond Pettibon.

Based in California, US-artist Raymond Pettibon is one of the most thorough chroniclers of American milieus of popular culture. A Goya of our times, whose “Desastres” depict less the wars actually raged than the confrontations taking place inside peoples heads, the battles between youth cultures, and the cops-‘n’-robbers games transfixed into durable and quotable shape in the repertoire of images provided by film noir.

Pettibon’s art is based on the aesthetics of the in-between and predicted by the formal instability that proffers endless metamorphoses ranging from the concreteness of the traditional pictorial programs to the most variegated levels of abstraction. It is easy to get lost in his works, seduced by the confusing splinter of a thought that drills into the aesthetic configuration and causes an entire context of meaning to explode.

Raymond Pettibon
Whatever It Is You’re Looking For You Won’t Find It Here.


Raymond Pettibon

Kuntshalle Wien



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