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Freedom | Šarūnas Bartas

Posted in Film by B on May 16, 2010

This minimalist opus of the Lithuanian cinematic master Šarūnas Bartas, invites the viewer on the austere journey of three characters stranded in the Moroccan desert. Opening with the sun and magnitude of North Africa, three smugglers, are forced to run aground on a desolate, windswept shore after narrowly escaping an interception by police. Marooned and unable to speak the same language they struggle against an arid landscape and each other. Bartas chooses to render the spoken word virtually redundant deeming it unnecessary to communicate pain, lonliness or desire. He chooses instead to capture an emotion by focussing on a facial gesture, the jilted march of a colony of crustaceans or drifting sands over a barren topography. This originality of style, significance of theme and the sheer beauty of filmic image transcends traditional dramaturgy and heralds the establishment of Bartas as one of the great cinematic poets.



Šarūnas Bartas




Šarūnas Bartas



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