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The Hermit of Montparnasse | Constantin Brancusi

Posted in Art by A on October 9, 2009

Brancusi's Studio in Paris

Brancusi’s atelier on the Impasse Ronsin, Paris.

Brancusi in his Studio, 1933 - 1934

Brancusi in his atelier, 1933 – 1934.

Maiastra, 1915 - 1918

Maiastra, 1915 – 1918.

Constantin Brancusi was born in Romania, at the heart of the wide valleys that encompass the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube. These lands are a repository of ancient European civilizations, their people seemingly predisposed to a spontaneous, vibrant awareness of an archaic sensibility. Transmitted through primary, primeval forms, unmodified by time, this consciousness is contemporaneous with its own eternity, perpetually ready for new beginnings.

Through the emergence of what was to be his quintessential oeuvre, Brancusi reasserted the presence of this monumental, solar, cosmological dream mythology. Transfixed between the need for a personal form of expression and the impersonal statement of truth, he found the way to obliterate in himself any manifestation of the self. His work transformed the material substance of his sculptures into light and the profane space into something sacred. His was an art of transformation.

Adapted from the writings of Radu Varia.


Constantin Brancusi

L’Atelier Brancusi